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The Goldbelt Ancestral Trust was created pursuant to the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act by a vote of the Goldbelt, Inc. Shareholders at the 40th Annual Meeting of Shareholders in June  2014. The purpose of the Trust is to provide dividends, scholarships and burial cost assistance to the Trust Beneficiaries. Trust Beneficiaries come from the original Goldbelt Shareholders of Alaska Native lineage.

The Trust is managed by a Trust Manager, who is subject to the direction of a five-member Board of Trustees. The Trustees are appointed by the Goldbelt Board of Directors. Two of the Trustees are Goldbelt Directors and three Trustees are independent. All of the Trustees must have financial education and experience in order to help secure sound financial oversight of the Trust assets. The Trust Manager and the Trustees are all uncompensated and are volunteering their time and experience in order to help grow the Trust’s assets.

The Trust is legally separate from Goldbelt Incorporated. The Trust must act in the overall best interests of the Beneficiaries and protect the assets of the Trust.

The current Board of Trustees 
are, Lisa-Marie Ikonomov, Leilani Walkush, Lynette Page, Kimi Boal, and Gail Dabaluz. The Board of Trustees is charged with establishing the rules of procedures and policies that will govern the Trust.

The complete set of bylaws and articles of incorporation are available for viewing at Trust headquarters in Juneau, Alaska.

Trustee Recruitment

The Goldbelt, Incorporated Board of Directors is now accepting submissions from those interested in serving as an Independent Trustee for Goldbelt’s Ancestral Trust.

SUMMARY:  The Goldbelt Ancestral Trust Fund has three primary purposes:  cash distributions, scholarships, and burial assistance.   The Trustee has the responsibility of managing the Ancestral Trust assets, setting Trust policy, and working in conjunction with the other members of the Board of Trustees.


Title:  Trustee
Location:  Goldbelt, Incorporated—Juneau, Alaska
Term:  3 year appointment (2.5 years left on current term)
Compensation:  $250.00 quarterly, based on meeting attendance


  • Shareholders and non-shareholders are eligible to apply.
  • Only individuals who are not employed nor have a business relationship with Goldbelt and/or Goldbelt subsidiaries.
  • Only individuals, who are not related or affiliated with any Goldbelt employee, Director, and/or Officer.
  • In the past three (3) years must not have been in engaged directly or indirectly in business transactions, and/or financial or equity interest with Goldbelt and/or Goldbelt subsidiaries.
  • Ability to pass a background and credit check in reference to the following:
    1.  No convictions or pleas of nolo contendere in a criminal proceeding
    2. No entry of final judgment, order, or decree in civil proceeding of unethical or illegal business practices or violation of laws relating to trusts, fiduciaries or securities
    3. No voluntary or involuntary decree in bankruptcy or insolvency

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS (education and experience)

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or accounting.
  • At least five years’ experience in business, finance, banking, or accounting.
  • Demonstrated experience in investing and money management, including in the management of endowments and trust funds.
  • Demonstrated experience in an investment philosophy which favors preserving of capital over risky assessments.

Closing Date:  February 15, 2020


Application Procedure:  Interested candidates must submit a letter of interest and current resume to the attention of Barbara Fujimoto, barbara.fujimoto@goldbelt.com or drop off at Goldbelt, Incorporated at 3025 Clinton Drive, Juneau, Alaska 99801 or fax to (907) 790-4990.

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